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leading luxury destinations: new zealand

18 Leading Luxury Destinations Travelers Are Flocking To

What do Singapore, Mexico and New Zealand have in common? They’re three of the leading luxury destinations so far in 2015, according to Virtuoso sales figures. Virtuoso has tapped into its data warehouse of more than $32 billion in transactions to determine where luxury travelers are venturing during the first three months of this year. Sales of everything from cruises to … [Read More...]

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Winter travel: seat assignments

7 Ways to Survive the Winter Travel Season

Ah, the joys of winter travel. Bad weather, flight disruptions, and crowded hotels and resorts during school vacations. How can you not only survive the challenges of winter travel, but thrive in spite of them? Virtuoso’s global PR director, Misty Ewing … [Read More...]

inspirational travel quote: Elizabeth Gilbert

10 Inspirational Travel Quotes for the Year Ahead

Is your New Year’s resolution to take a vacation in the coming year? If so, you’ll find motivation in these ten inspirational travel quotes. They testify to the value travel brings to our lives. And they’ll get you excited about the promise of a vacation … [Read More...]