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top food cities: modern food creation from barcelona restaurant

The Globe’s 10 Top Food Cities: Why They’re Worth The Trip

The competition to be one of the world’s top food cities is intense. Many cities are famed for a particular dish, or certain restaurant, or specific experience that delights foodie travelers. But only 10 cities make the cut of the crème de la crème of the world’s food destinations. Here are those culinary metropolises, and why they’re the top food cities in the world. … [Read More...]

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Unusual hotel jobs: Dr. Shades fixes sunglasses

10 of the Most Unusual Hotel Jobs You’ll Encounter

Stay at a hotel and you'll come across everyone from a bellman to front desk clerk to housekeeper. But chances are you've never met staff with these very unusual hotel jobs. Several Virtuoso hotels have created these rare positions to fulfill the needs of … [Read More...]

Generations travel: Millennials on an elephant in the water

The Truth About How Different Generations Travel

A 20-something’s vision of the perfect vacation looks very different from a 40-something’s. Ditto a 50 year old versus an 80 year old. How do different generations travel? A study by Virtuoso has uncovered how four generations choose to vacation. Virtuoso … [Read More...]

Happiest countries: Switzerland

What Are the 10 Happiest Countries in the World?

Want to be surrounded by happy locals on your next vacation? Head for Europe or Down Under, according to a ranking of the world's happiest countries. The 10 Happiest Countries The 2015 World Happiness Report says Switzerland is the happiest country in the … [Read More...]

adventure travel trends: group at Iguassu Falls

16 Emerging Adventure Travel Trends

When you think of adventure travel, you might conjure up an image of a group of athletic 20-somethings kayaking or rock climbing. Guess what? According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, the average age of an adventure traveler is 48. More than half … [Read More...]