leading luxury destinations: new zealand
New Zealand is one of the best-selling destinations as well as one of the fastest growing

What do Singapore, Mexico and New Zealand have in common? They’re three of the leading luxury destinations so far in 2015, according to Virtuoso sales figures.

Virtuoso has tapped into its data warehouse of more than $32 billion in transactions to determine where luxury travelers are venturing during the first three months of this year. Sales of everything from cruises to hotels to tours are trending up this year – 14% higher than 2014. Every quarter Virtuoso releases two lists that show the leading luxury destinations for upscale travelers. Here are the latest findings from the Top 10 List and the Hot List.

Virtuoso Top 10 List of Leading Luxury Destinations

Virtuoso’s Top 10 List is composed of destinations seeing the greatest amount of business from the network’s travel advisors. This winter it’s understandably dominated by warmer spots in the Southern Hemisphere. For January through March 2015, the Top 10 destinations are:

  1. Mexico

    leading luxury destinations: mexico
    More Virtuoso clients are visiting Mexico than anywhere else at the beginning of 2015
  2. Canada
  3. New Zealand
  4. Australia
  5. Argentina
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Costa Rica
  8. South Africa
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Chile

The countries on the Virtuoso Top 10 List seeing the strongest sales increases are New Zealand, Chile, Australia, Canada and Costa Rica. Chile in particular has broken into the Top 10 with a big leap from last year.

The Virtuoso Hot List of Leading Luxury Destinations

The Virtuoso Hot List reveals the leading luxury destinations with the most year-over-year growth. This list often highlights destinations coming into their own, as well as broader travel trends. Case in point: New Zealand’s strong showing for its continued meteoric rise over the past year. The Virtuoso Hot List for January through March 2015 is:

  1. Singapore (up 155%)

    leading luxury destinations: singapore
    Bookings to Singapore are up 155% from the first three months of 2014
  2. New Zealand (up 95%)
  3. Aruba (up 36%)
  4. Israel (up 32%)
  5. Puerto Rico (up 24%)
  6. U.S. Virgin Islands (up 23%)
  7. France (up 22%)
  8. Bahamas (up 20%)
  9. Chile (up 20%)
  10. Spain (up 20%)

Interestingly, eight of these countries did not appear on any of the 2014 Hot Lists. Only New Zealand and France are making return showings.