VL-November-smallby Elaine Srnka
Editorial Director, Virtuoso

See the stylish group of people pictured with me below? It’s the team that creates Virtuoso Life magazine. Others play a role in getting the issue to you, from our colleagues in the production department who order the paper and supervise the printing, to the circulation pros who ensure each copy goes to the right person. The sales and marketing folks make sure advertisements from top travel suppliers catch your attention, and others behind the scenes in accounting, administration, and the like keep things humming.

But it’s the people below who are responsible for the creative content – we develop the ideas; write, edit, and design the articles; and work with some of the world’s best photographers, illustrators, and writers to bring these pages – and the Virtuoso community – to life. We turn to Virtuoso advisors and travel companies for inside advice on destinations and experiences that you need to know about, how you should get there, and what you should do when you arrive. We also ask your fellow Virtuoso travelers where they’ve been, where they’re going, and why they use a Virtuoso advisor (read this issue’s interview on page 44).

In fact, the Virtuoso community is the common thread connecting all the stories you’ll find in Virtuoso Life. This food-and-wine-themed issue, one of our most popular of the year (and a particular favorite of the foodies on staff), is full of in-the-know tips, trips, and insights. Learn where concierges at Virtuoso hotels in seven U.S. cities send clients to dine (page58); take a tequila tour of Mexico with an advisor–planned itinerary (page 32); and taste your way through Paris’ top chocolate houses with Virtuoso’s tour connection there (page 68).

There’s much more, and I hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as my colleagues and I enjoy creating it. Virtuoso is the ultimate global community, and we’re proud to be a part of it with you.

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  1. I’m impressed! It is a very creative magazine from many ways, the cover design, the content, the online version is also unique. It’s the best online magazine I’ve ever read.

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