CVR_SEP_RFPVirtuoso’s flagship magazine, Virtuoso Life, is in the running for a coveted American Society of Magazine Editors award – and you can help it win.

This week the ASME is asking people on Facebook to vote for their favorite cover in the “Brainiest” category. If you have a Facebook account, please help Virtuoso Life by clicking here to vote for the magazine’s September/October 2013 issue. The link will take you to the ASME’s Facebook page, and once there, please click “Like” to vote for the Virtuoso Life cover. Voting is open March 3-9 only. The most “liked” covers will compete for the Readers’ Choice Award.

The September/October 2013 issue debuted Virtuoso Life’s “How To Travel Better” theme. Packed with tips on everything from planning and packing to navigating airport security, ordering dim sum in Asia, cultural etiquette, and more, the issue offers insight tailored to the worldliest of travelers. Wildly popular with readers, the issue’s theme was effectively communicated with its type-driven, graphic cover.

To learn more about Virtuoso Life and the travel insights readers get in every issue, click here.