5 Reasons You’ll Love Taking a Specialty Cruise

Specialty cruise: kayakers with cruise ship in background

A specialty cruise line like Paul Gauguin Cruises offers a more intimate, exotic experience than larger ships can

Think about a cruise, and you’ll likely imagine a large ship with thousands of passengers sailing the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

But a whole other world of cruising awaits you. Many cruise lines offer small-ship voyages, so you’re one of a few hundred (or less) passengers rather than a few thousand.

A specialty cruise offers a very different experience. And more and more people are seeking it out. Specialty cruising has been growing by double digits in recent years. According to the Cruise Lines International Association, the cruise segment has grown 21% from 2009 to 2014. [Read more…]

5 Red-Hot Luxury River Cruise Trends

river cruise trends: tauck

Interest in river cruising, such as this Tauck journey, is growing rapidly

When the average person thinks of cruising, they likely conjure up an image of a large ocean-going vessel with thousands of passengers voyaging to popular destinations such as the Caribbean and Mediterranean. But interest in a different type of cruising is skyrocketing.

River cruising is growing even faster than ocean cruising due to its smaller ships, convenient ports, appealing itineraries and all-inclusive nature. [Read more…]

Virtuoso’s Annual Chairman’s Event: An AmaWaterways’ Cruise on the Danube River

VIP_Ships_Bow_VipsAs the Amacerto, AmaWaterways’ newest ship, slipped through a lock on the Main-Danube Canal connecting Europe’s Rhine and Danube rivers, passengers standing on the top deck watched the process in awe. Massive walls, mere inches from the boat, rose up around us as water drained from the chamber of the lock (used to manage water levels and make rivers navigable), slowly lowering us 20 feet or more so that the 82-cabin ship could pass through and continue its journey. Such a spectacular feat of engineering – both the canal locks and the ship’s precise design to sail them – would impress anyone. [Read more…]