Virtuoso Life’s managing editor Marika Cain caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker while she was in Las Vegas to launch her new SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker shoe store at Bellagio.

What’s your go-to airport shoe? Meteor. Our sneaker. We cannot keep it on the shelves. It sold out in about 20 minutes when we first put it online. There’s a sandal of ours called Veronika that I wear tons. In the winter, I wear a boot of mine called Echo and it’s really, really comfortable. And there’s going to be a new boot [the Rayna] I’ll wear that we just got in from Italy. It’s so comfortable. It doesn’t matter if your foot swells on the plane – they’re shoes that will accommodate that.

How many pairs of shoes did you pack for this trip? Fourteen. Because I wanted to make sure I had shoes that exist here that don’t exist anywhere else. I wanted to make sure I had the ones that had arrived from Italy.

How many would you pack for a weekend away? Two pairs.

Is there such a thing as too many? I’m not really a shopper. I’ve never been someone who’s bought a lot of shoes. Carrie Bradshaw did, and I played her and we do look alike but there are radical differences between us. I think it depends who you are. Everybody has different rules by which they live. I think your finances dictate a lot. Shoes aren’t important for everybody. There are lots of people who function in the world who just live practically, just live by necessity and by geography, temperature, and weather. I think that’s a very personal thing.

sarah jessica parker and marika cain
Sarah Jessica Parker with Virtuoso Life’s Marika Cain.