Forget your basic raft-style flotation device – the accessory for summer 2017 is a comical, colorful, and large pool float, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

“Supersize creative floats have been a staple at my friends’ pool parties for a couple of years now, but I’ve started to see them while I’m traveling too,” says Virtuoso Life assistant editor Amy Cassell. “Recently in Bora Bora, I spent three days very envious of my overwater-bungalow neighbors, who arrived and promptly inflated a swan float and tied it to their deck. And in Hawaii, I loved watching a group of travelers pose for photos on Waikiki Beach with their unicorn float.” It’s a great idea: They pack flat in a suitcase without adding weight and make for fun photo-ops in paradise. “I think I’ll bring this flamingo along on my next sunny adventure,” says Cassell, “along with this unsinkable drink holder too.”

Our editorial director, Elaine Srnka, spotted this swan float at her local Neiman Marcus store in Fort Worth. The $128 beauty by Gray Malin sold out locally in hours, but you can still snag yours online.

swan float
Swan float. (Photo: Elaine Srnka)

Whether you float at home, or deflate to make a travel-friendly, packable float, these inflated lovelies will provide hours of pool bliss – and perhaps your most-liked social media posts.

Here are some other favorites, new for summer 2017:

Avocado, $24.99

Cactus, $29.99

cactus float
Cactus float.

Peacock, $24.99

peacock float.
Peacock float.

Rainbow, $56

Banana, $60

Top Photo: The Hotel Bel-Air‘s presidential suite comes with a swan pool float.

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  1. Yes, these new-age pool floaties are not your parents floats. Imagine, these creations started years ago as car inner tubes! My wife’s fav is the giant pinneapple – but she is getting annoyed by how many others have them now…

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