travel bucket list: hone photography skillsLooking to come up with your travel resolutions for 2013?  Consider these ideas for your bucket list that blend vacations with personal fulfillment and create lasting memories.

— Go somewhere you’ve never been and cross it off your bucket list.  And if you don’t have a bucket list yet, create one!

— Pick an off-the-beaten-path but emerging destination.  In Asia, think about Bhutan and Myanmar.  Colombia and Ecuador are hot in South America.  And in Europe, the Baltic nations and Montenegro are catching on more with visitors.

Volunteer at a destination.  Voluntourism has never been more popular.  There’s an opportunity to help with whatever interests you, from working with wildlife populations to teaching English to preserving history.

Learn a new skill.  Master Italian cooking in Tuscany (attending cooking school was the top pick of Virtuoso Travelers voting in the 2012 Travel Dreams Survey).  Or improve on your high-school French in Paris.  Or hone your photography talents – then put them to good use shooting memories of your bucket list: italian cooking

Revisit an old favorite, perhaps a sentimental destination like the site of your honeymoon or your childhood hometown.

Keep souvenirs of your travels.  You’ll love reading a diary of your vacation highlights years from now – and reviewing photos of them.  Bring home something distinctive from the place you’re visiting – a local craft or artwork, book or article of clothing.

— Trace your roots and visit your ancestral homelands in person.

— Take the family along – not just the kids but the parents, grandkids and extended relatives.  Multigenerational travel has grown exponentially in recent years.

Interact with locals.  There’s no better way to truly experience a destination and its culture than to talk with residents and take part in their lifestyle.

— Be kind to the environment.  Stay at properties that are committed to sustainable tourism.  Donate carbon offsets.  Buy from locals.

Conquer a fear.  Always wanted to scuba dive?  Go to the Great Barrier Reef and get certified.  Or swim with sharks in Mexico.  Skydiving in New Zealand?  The choices are endless.

Find a professional travel advisor who will help create this bucket list with you and bring it to life for you!  If you’re not already working with a Virtuoso travel advisor, contact us at 855-570-3827 and we’ll introduce you to one.

Which of these strikes a chord with you?  What’s our your bucket list for 2013 travel? 

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