20130813_101645Attendance at the 2013 Virtuoso Travel Week topped 4,100 for the first time, with attendees from 90 countries coming to Bellagio in Las Vegas Aug. 10-16 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of luxury travel’s pre-eminent event.

Of the 4,100, more than 1,900 were advisors, more than 1,800 suppliers, and the rest staff, media and other guests. The figure broke last year’s previous record of more than 3,900 attendees.  Of the attendees, 18% were first-timers at the event.

This year, participants held 350,000 one-on-one, four-minute meetings – the hallmark of Virtuoso Week. That represented a 12% increase from 2012’s number. The 2013 figure equals 1.6 million minutes of meetings – or three years of relationship building.  An estimated $450 million in annualized travel sales results from the event.

The first Virtuoso Week, then called Virtuoso Travel Mart, attracted just 98 people to a hotel in Palm Beach, Florida in 1989.  2013 marks the thirteenth time Virtuoso Week has taken place at Bellagio in Las Vegas.  The largest conference ever to take place at the Virtuoso property, attendees occupy 16,545 room nights.  All of Bellagio’s 8,200 staff members are on duty when Virtuoso Week is happening. To get a behind-the-scenes look at how Bellagio prepares for the event it calls its Super Bowl, click here to watch a short video.