Keeping up your workout routine while traveling doesn’t have to take a lot of time – or space in your suitcase. Here, our top five tips for working out on the road.

1. Borrow Workout Clothes from the Hotel

Plan ahead and see if your hotel has loaner workout gear available. “Many Fairmont, Westin, and Hyatt properties offer workout clothes and running shoes for those in need,” says wellness travel specialist and Venice, Florida-based Virtuoso advisor Jeri Donovan. Hotels often offer yoga mats, stretch bands, and more.

Some hotels have elevated their entire wellness experience: the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills recently launched guest rooms and suites with circadian mood lighting, guided meditations by Deepak Chopra, air and water purification systems, healthy in-room meals, and more. Perhaps the coolest feature:  Wellness suites feature Peloton bikes, and all of the wellness rooms come equipped with Alo yoga mats, hand weights, and exercise equipment.

Wellness room at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

2. If You Pack Workout Shoes, Choose a Pair that’s Ready for Retirement

We like our own stuff too, but sneakers take up a lot of space. “Bulky running shoes can be a problem,” says Donovan. “Consider bringing your oldest pair and tying them onto your carry-on so that you have them with you. When your trip is over, leave the old shoes at the hotel when you go home.”

For something light (that you don’t throw away), try Altra’s 6.5-ounce Escalante shoe. Its natural foot-shaped toe box and soft knit upper comfortably hold feet in place and stretch to accommodate foot expansion due to extended running or sightseeing outings.

Altra’s lightweight Escalante shoe. Photo by Altra.

3. Embrace the Resistance

Journalist and gear reviewer Michael Frank suggests bringing a few resistance bands with different tension levels for a challenging in-room workout. “The great thing about bands is although they can be fairly long, they take up almost zero room in your luggage,” says Frank.

4. Roll It Out 

Pack travel-size foam rollers, suggests Vancouver-based travel advisor Jessica Renshaw. “I bring mine for alleviating tight muscles after plane rides,” she says.

5. Plan for the Runaround 

Run to sightsee and get your workout in. Your hotel concierge can usually give you intel on the best jogging trails in the area. “Have your Virtuoso advisor reach out to them,” says Renshaw. “They will ask how long you want to run and will provide a route. When you arrive, the maps will be in your room.” Some might even show you the way personally – at the Ritz-Carlton, Vienna, the hotel’s Running Concierge joins guests for a 3.5-mile circuit passing by some of Vienna’s most beautiful sights.