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Virtuoso is the leading luxury travel network. It includes over 1,000 travel agency locations with 17,500 advisors in more than 45 countries throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Knowledgeable Virtuoso travel advisors draw upon first-hand experience and unparalleled connections to partner with clients to craft the perfect vacation. Travelers who work with a Virtuoso travel advisor get access to more than 1,700 of the world’s premier travel providers such as hotels, cruise lines and airlines. They also enjoy exclusive products, VIP services and privileged access.

Virtuoso’s luxury travel advisors are experts in creating unique experiences you can’t find online. Perhaps you’d like to make wine in one of Australia’s preeminent wine regions? Or have a drink with a member of one of Italy’s first families of fashion on the private terrace of their palace? Or be a part of Rio’s famed Samba Parade, singing and dancing in costume at the world’s biggest Carnival celebration?

Just as your financial advisor ensures your return on investment, your Virtuoso travel advisor ensures your Return on Life. Collaborate with a Virtuoso travel advisor to plan your vacations together and bring your travel dreams to life.

Virtuoso’s history dates to the 1950s, when the tour company Allied Travel formed to help travel agencies with foreign, international, and group trips. In 1986, Allied Travel merged with Percival Tours to form Allied Percival International, joining the best travel agents in the country. In 2000, API was rebranded Virtuoso, and has since become the world’s leading luxury travel network.

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Welcome to The Virtuoso Life, the blog for the Virtuoso network. Here you’ll learn how a luxury travel advisor can help you enjoy your most precious asset: your leisure time.

Since it began in 2009, this blog’s mission has been to give a face and voice to the excitement of luxury travel and the value of working with a Virtuoso travel advisor. Here you’ll discover enticing destinations, the latest luxury travel trends, and insider tips to help you plan your travel. You’ll also learn about the value a Virtuoso travel advisor can bring as your partner in the travel design process.

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