adventure travel trends: group at Iguassu Falls
Adventure travel is about experiencing the globe’s natural and cultural treasures, like South America’s Iguassu Falls

When you think of adventure travel, you might conjure up an image of a group of athletic 20-somethings kayaking or rock climbing.

Guess what? According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, the average age of an adventure traveler is 48. More than half – 53% – are female; 47% are male.

A Big Travel Niche

Adventure travel is growing fast. The ATTA found that adventure tourism companies were estimating a 24% increase in revenue for 2014.

The appeal of active travel lies in the variety of experiences possible and having an immersive experience with the globe’s natural and cultural treasures. Some travelers even return home with their lives changed for the better.

What’s Adventure Travel About?

Active travel is about far more than just physically challenging pursuits. The ATTA survey found customized itineraries and soft adventures were the two most popular and fastest-growing adventure segments. Soft adventure could mean enjoying the splendors of nature in the Galapagos Islands, or going on safari in South Africa, or sailing in the Mediterranean.

adventure travel trends: hiking
Adventure tourism companies are predicting business to rise by 24%

Hottest Adventure Travel Trends

Four Virtuoso travel advisors who specialize in active travel have weighed in on the biggest trends they’re seeing these days in the area, and their advice for a great experience:

  • Next big destination: everywhere from the Arctic to South America to Malta to Sri Lanka
  • Up-and-coming demographic: multigenerational family groups, Millennials and single women
  • Hottest niche: expedition cruising, especially to polar regions; trips broad enough to please an active adventurer and a less-active partner; voluntourism
  • Insider tip: paying attention to the packing list, putting the camera down, and considering developing destinations

For more detail, click on the below matrix:


How to Have Your Own Active Travel Experience

All four advisors are members of VAST – Virtuoso’s active and specialty travel program. If you’re interested in any of these adventure travel trends, click here to find a VAST specialist. They can help you create a trip that’s perfectly suited to your abilities and interests – whether you’re 10 or 90, or in between.

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  1. Adventure tourism is the new buzz word of the global tourism sector. It allows you to immerse in the active travel and soak in the natural and cultural treasures of the world. With its fast global acceptance, adventure travel has almost become mainstream travel option. It is attracting great number of middle-aged males and females, besides pulling in youngsters.

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