Words & Photography by Lauryn Ishak

Last year, I spent a few days running around my former hometown of Hong Kong for Virtuoso Life, photographing the restaurants leading the city’s modern Cantonese cuisine movement. I lived in Hong Kong for four years as a teenager – and I’ve been back many times since for work and pleasure – so while I’m very familiar with the city, this fresh take on Cantonese cuisine was new to me.  It’s always nice to go back to a familiar place, even if the city has evolved over the years. Getting around was like falling back into step, but still felt like exploring a new neighborhood in my own hometown.

Here, a few of my favorite photos from the trip:

Caviar dumplings at Mott 32 in Hong Kong
South Australian scallop, grouper, caviar, and gold leaf egg white dumplings at Mott 32.
Mott 32 in Hong Kong
One of the smaller dining areas at Mott 32.
Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong
The Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong’s Jordan district.
The kitchen at Social Place, Hong Kong
A view of the kitchen from the dining area at Social Place.
Bo Innovation, Hong Kong
Bo Innovation.
A lotus dish at Bo Innovation
The Everything Lotus (root, lead, seed, and flower) at Bo Innovation.
A sourdough egg waffle at Happy Paradise.
A sourdough egg waffle at Happy Paradise.
Happy Paradise, Hong Kong
Happy Paradise.

See more of Virtuoso Life contributing photographer Lauryn Ishak’s photos at laurynishak.com and on Instagram @laurynishak.

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