In April, I joined luxury travel industry execs and friends on the inaugural sail of Silversea’s new 596-passenger flagship vessel, Silver Muse. The Muse joins six leisure and four expedition ships as the largest in the Silversea fleet.

We boarded the Muse in Genoa only hours after the owner, Manfredi Lefebvre, received the final paperwork. The four-day sailing stopped in sunny Marseille, France, and Tarragona and Barcelona in Spain.

(Photo by Evan Upchurch)

Before this trip, my only cruising experience was a Disney voyage as a kid. My experience quickly went from beloved character breakfasts and a kid-friendly vibe to class and grownup sophistication on the Muse.

The ship’s design impressed me with its elegance and openness. Splashes of colorful contemporary art brighten the neutral gray and tan palette, creating a graceful, stylish vibe.

I quickly navigated its eight decks with ease, and it soon felt like a cozy, home-away-from-home – a subtle, yet game-changing detail for me.

I loved relaxing on the private balcony after a day ashore, but there were plentiful outdoor spaces throughout the ship. Guests frequented common areas such as the Panorama Lounge and the Arts Café, for beautiful breezes and fresh air.

(Photo by Evan Upchurch)

You can select your setting based on your mood – for example, the Panorama Lounge is perfect for socializing over cocktails, while the Observation Lounge or Arts Café are great casual options for a cappuccino and book. The Muse has eight restaurants, offering more variety than many traditional cruise ships.

As a cruising newbie, I was delighted with the array of dining options – an abundance of choice without sacrificing quality. My personal favorite was Atlantide, an elegant bar and grill that feels intimate despite its large seating capacity. It provides an impressive selection of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options – here, you can find Texas and Argentinian steaks alongside blue lobster on the same menu.

The ship wowed me, from its sophisticated decor to its varied dining options. Before pulling into the final port, I compared notes with industry insiders about what they loved most about their experience.

Miguel Kably
Mexico City-based Virtuoso travel agency owner
Silver Muse in 3 Words: Luxurious, design-oriented, comfortable

‘‘I think that the Muse is the rebirth of Silversea,” Kably says. “This is the kind of cruise that luxury travelers and past Silversea clients were waiting for.”

Kably says the Silver Muse will attract “any client looking for a relaxed luxury and gastronomic experience, as well as interesting itineraries.” An experienced cruiser (on Silversea and other lines), he says the Muse is “Silversea’s perfect creation,” thanks to the size, attention to detail, design, number of restaurants, and spa.

Stefan Bisciglia
Seattle-based Virtuoso travel agency owner
Silver Muse in 3 Words: Elegant, peaceful, refined

‘‘The Muse is for clients who enjoy understated elegance – those who appreciate personalized service, wonderful cuisine and having lots of choices,” Bisciglia says.

“Many things make the Muse special – having the luxury of choice with eight dining options is a wonderful decision to make each night. The size and design allows for almost 600 passengers without feeling cramped or crowded in any way,” he continues. He also loves the large standard suites and selection of premium suites aboard.

Vera Gattaz
Sao Paulo-based Virtuoso travel agency owner
Silver Muse in 3 Words: Divine, elegant, delightful

Gattaz says she is confident that “clients of all ages will enjoy cruising on board the Muse.” She considers it the perfect ship for multigenerational travel, given the “different options of entertainment for every age, including the kids’ club for the very young.” The Muse is a “showcase in elegance, craftsmanship, and design,” she says.

Claudia Rossi Hudson
Sydney-based Virtuoso travel agency owner
Silver Muse in 3 Words: Home but away 


‘‘The Silver Muse is for worldly, successful clients who appreciate fine living and the company of like-minded travelers,’’
says Hudson.

Hudson shared an unforgettable moment while cruising the Muse: “I was trying to ignore my insignificant birthday on the last day. At the end of dinner with colleagues at Hot Rocks restaurant around the pool, the chef arrived with a birthday cake in my honor! Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” at the top of their lungs!” Apart from her surprise (significant!) birthday moment, Claudia says she loved “the feeling of spaciousness throughout the ship – not just in the suites but in the corridors, restaurants, lounge rooms, and up on deck, especially the large pool.”

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  1. I was there with you and this captures Muse very well. My three words would be; easy (in the best sense of the word), relaxed and refined.

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