We love Trader Joe’s lists that have cropped up on the internet lately, like this one or this one. And, surprisingly, Trader Joe’s pasta won a New York magazine taste test over more expensive pasta brands.

But we wondered – what are the best items for travelers to pick up at Trader Joe’s? Portable products are key – we can’t tote a pack of frozen mandarin orange chicken in our carry-on bag.

Our Virtuoso picks for the best Trader Joe’s items to bring on a plane:

Freeze-Dried Fruit 

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and more – when you need a shot of antioxidants and a bland airport melon cup won’t do, Trader Joe’s freeze-dried fruit is the answer. Kids love them! Bring a wet wipe to clean fruit-stained fingers.

Bars, Bars, Bars

A must-have in every plane bag is your favorite granola bar or energy bar. Most Trader Joe’s locations carry a variety of bars, like the popular Quest and Luna bar brands.

Organic String Cheese

Stash a couple of pieces of organic string cheese for the flight, and you’ll have a protein-packed, portion-controlled snack. These cheese sticks are great paired with salty pretzels.

Wheat Crisps

Forget the “reduced guilt” tagline on the box– these crispy wheat crackers are addicting, lightly salted, crunchy bites.

Trail Mix & Nuts

Pick your favorite – nuts with chocolate, small packs of raw almonds, or Tempting Trail Mix (a mix of chocolate, tart cherries, peanut butter chips, almonds, and cashews). Whatever you choose, you’re getting a healthy hit guaranteed to control your hunger.

Pitted, Salted Manzanilla Olives – “Just a Handful of Olives”

A savory snack that can turn the free pretzels and bar cart selection into a proper in-air happy hour.

Dark Chocolate Cookie Butter Cups

Offer a couple of dark chocolate cookie butter cups to a fellow passenger to guarantee a pleasant flight. This totable container will last you for at least a week’s vacation.

Micellar wipes

Throw a pack of micellar wipes in your bag for freshening up on a long-haul flight, or removing make-up on your trip. Micellar technology is quickly gaining popularity in the U.S. and is designed to keep your skin moisturized.

Trader Joe’s Effervescent Vitamin C

Bring a few packets of Trader Joe’s Effervescent Vitamin C on the plane for a 1,000mg hit of Vitamin C. Mix with a cup of water for a fizzy drink.

Molasses Chews

These chewy cookies are the perfect finale to an airplane meal, rich with brown sugar, cinnamon, and ginger – you can skip the mousse or plastic-wrapped brownie. You may also like the Triple Ginger Snaps – they are strong enough to settle a queasy stomach and terrific with morning tea or coffee.

For Gifts – Fig & Olive Crisps & Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins

If you’re going overseas where Trader Joe’s is unknown, pack these cult favorites in your bag for an inexpensive, but truly delicious, peek into American grocery store behavior. The fig & olive crisps are a cocktail party stand-out (with cheese, of course), and it is impossible to eat just one lemon thin. If you keep them in the box, they travel well.

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