Maximilian Riedel, CEO and president, Riedel Crystal

“I believe that one of the reasons the Riedel brand is successful is because not one of the last three generations was able to sit still,” says the Kufstein, Austria-based 11th-generation CEO and president of Riedel Crystal. His own father traveled weekly for business when was a child and during a typical year, Riedel also circles the globe on business. But for personal travel with his family – his “most prized travel” – he turns to their favorite places: Alto Adige, Venice, the South of France, Florida, and New York City.

Wine Time

I have vacationed many times in the Alto Adige in northern Italy, which is close to my home in Austria; it’s a region I truly enjoy. Traveling to Burgundy and Bordeaux in France, the birthplaces of fine wine, is an experience to savor. I always like returning to Napa Valley, where I have spent a lot of time in the company of winemakers who appreciate what Riedel glasses do for their wines. An exceptional visit for me was to the Hill of Grace winery in Australia, where they cultivate vines over 100 years old, some of which are among the rarest vines, never touched by phylloxera.

Pink Champagne and Lobster

My father always took three weeks out of the year to travel in a small convertible with the family. On one of these annual trips, we traveled to Belle-Île, a small island on the Atlantic coast of France. Not knowing many details about the island, we booked a week there, when other people stay for at most two days. All we ate was lobster and langoustines (that’s all there was!), and we drank rosé Champagne day and night. After a week of lobster, it’s taken me a while to go back to it! However, it was a unique experience and bonded us in a new way.

Favorite Hotels

The Four Seasons New York is a favorite and a staple in my travels to New York City, I have been staying there for the last 20 years. The Peninsula Shanghai is situated in an ideal location within the city.

His Top Unsung Wine Region

The Wachau is an Austrian valley with a picturesque landscape formed by the Danube river. It’s been famous for amazing food and wine since the time of the emperors.

Up Next

I’ll be traveling to Prague for business, staying two nights at the Mandarin Oriental. I will meet with my local Riedel sales team and representatives, and leading two Riedel comparative wine glass tasting events. Although I’ve visited this hotel several times, it retains its magic every time I return. A former fourteenth-century monastery, it is a jewel tucked away in the middle of the city just steps from the Vltava.

Photo by Stefan Hobmaier