By Susan Hanson

Zen of Tea
Chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony, is as much about the aesthetics as the matcha. The elegant ritual, which plays a major role in Buddhist religious practices, is as choreographed as a Kabuki performance, using a series of precise, contemplative movements symbolizing wa, kei, sei, and jaku (harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility). Secrets of the esoteric Way of Tea are revealed during a nine-day culinary journey to Japan with Access Culinary Trips. Additional insider experiences have travelers taking a soba-noodle-making class in Tokyo and dining on a traditional Buddhist vegetarian lunch at Kyoto’s Tenryu-ji Temple. More Zen-filled moments come in the form of serene garden strolls and onsen (hot spring) soaks. Departures: May 17 and September 13, 2019.

London Food Fest
Forage through Selfridges’ famous food hall and take a chocolate-fueled walking tour with a stop at Queen Elizabeth’s own chocolatier. They’re just two of the tasteful adventures available on a tailor-made journey in the UK capital that your travel advisor can craft with Dream Escape, one of Virtuoso’s on-site tour connections.

Pedal Pose
Professional cyclists rave about the benefits of yoga for their sport, from gaining strength and flexibility to maintaining focus and preventing injury. Backroads recently added guided hatha-style sessions to a number of its 2019 biking tours around the globe, including Spain, Bali, Costa Rica, and California. Each optional morning and afternoon class (also available on select multi-adventure and trekking itineraries) is led by a trip leader with extensive yoga experience and complements culinary pursuits, such as gourmet picnics and grand gastronomic affairs. One tour to consider: a six-day spin through Tuscany’s hilltop towns, highlighted by a Michelin-starred meal at La Torre restaurant. Departures: Multiple dates, June 30 to September 15, 2019.

Photo by Brenda Ernst/Backroads

Top photo: Courtesy of Davor Lovincic/Getty Images