Their top priority may be planning incredible vacations for you, but many Virtuoso travel advisors moonlight as impressive amateur photographers as well. Every year, advisors submit their top travel photos to Virtuoso’s Photo + Video Contest. The judges sorted through nearly 2,000 entries this year to find 20 finalists, which we’re sharing right here for your #virtualvacation viewing pleasure. From Peru’s Sacred Valley to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, we hope these moments inspire you to start thinking about your next getaway.

Grand Prize

A leopard in a tree in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

“Stars and Leopard at Kruger” by Sascha Zirfass
Kruger National Park, South Africa

First Place

Beautiful Travel Photos: Elephants in Kenya

“The Elephant Family Walking” by Tony Zhao
Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Second Place

A lion in the Serengeti Desert, Tanzania

“The Lion King” by Andrea Gonzalez
Serengeti, Tanzania

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Third Place

An orangutan in a tree in Sumatra, Indonesia 

“Wild Orangutan Getting Fruit” by Kelly Krill
Sumatra, Indonesia


Beautiful Travel Photos: A colorful storefront in Bagan, Myanmar.

“The Storefront” by Ioanna Alvarez
Bagan, Myanmar

Dawes Glacier, Alaska

“Power of Calving Glaciers” by Tracy Hughes
Dawes Glacier, Alaska

A whale in Alaska.

“The Whale Tail in Alaska” by Tony Zhao
Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

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A pair of penguins in Antarctica.

“Antarctic Greetings” by Tarquin Millington-Drake

Wildebeests crossing a river in the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

“Time to Cross” by Andrea Gonzalez
Maasai Mara, Kenya

A close-up photo of a woman's hands, taken in Delhi, India.

“Quiet Grace” by Nancy Kimbrough
Delhi, India

People working in Peru's Sacred Valley.

“Long Day” by Liora Garfunkel
Sacred Valley, Peru

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A gaucho on horseback in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.

“Gaucho on a Call” by Willow Kalatchi
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Beautiful Travel Photos: San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

“Golden Gate Morning Lights” by Sven Gölles
San Francisco, California

Architecture at the Hotel Santiago in Santiago, Chile.

“Architecture” by Helena Ferreira
Hotel Santiago, Santiago, Chile

The Milky Way over Mount Kilimanjaro

“Stars Over Kili” by Joshua Bush
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

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A bush plane flies over a giraffe in Kenya.

“Out of Africa” by Lei Jiang

A moose elk in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

“White Out” by Connor Sorensen
Banff, Alberta, Canada

Beautiful Travel Photos: Cinque Terre, Italy

“Hiking on the Cinque Terre” by Bret Staehling
Vernazza, Italy

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“Morocco in One Minute” by Kayla Douglas

A close-up photo of a peacock in Lisbon, Portugal.

“Face-to-Face” by Ellen Rubinfield
Lisbon, Portugal