By Terrie Hansen, Vice President of Marketing for Virtuoso

The Hansen Family (from left to right): David, Abbey, Haley, Terrie

Steeped in tradition.
Colorful and vibrant.
Picture perfect weather.
Delicious cuisine.
Surprisingly cosmopolitan.

If you haven’t been to Mexico City you don’t know what you’re missing. As the world’s 2nd largest city, many people travel here for business but Mexico City also offers an array of cultural activities, shopping, and sightseeing that make it an ideal place for a leisure getaway.

We enjoyed a three-day excursion that allowed us to sample a culturally unique destination that was easy to get to, yet felt miles away from home. We stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel which provides an authentic Mexican experience highlighted by the lush, tropical courtyard which can be viewed from every room. In just two short days we toured centro histrico, one of the largest city squares in the world, with stops at the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Palacio Nacional, and Templo Mayor and the adjoining archeological museum. Shopping in an open air market, a journey to Teotihuacan (ancient pyramids), and a visit to Chapultepec castle completed our journey.

Not bad for 72 hours.