Undiscovered destinations: Bhutan
Getting away from it all in a place like Bhutan is what many seasoned travelers crave

Seasoned travelers have been to Paris a dozen times and know every canal in Venice. They’re longing to explore undiscovered destinations where they can experience authentic cultures. Where are these travel sophisticates roaming these days?

Why Undiscovered Destinations?

“People feel that there are not too many undiscovered destinations in the world that are still in their pure form and have not been Westernized,” says Lia Batkin, a Virtuoso travel advisor in New York City.

“Well-traveled clients are seeking new experiences, new cultures, new cuisine and even a new sense of spirituality,” says John Oberacker, a Virtuoso travel advisor in Long Beach, California. “In contrast, I get the sense that some clients are just looking for destinations that their friends and family haven’t been to, checking another country off their list.”

Who’s Venturing Off the Beaten Path?

Undiscovered destinations: Burma
Burma is growing in popularity for travelers looking for off-the-beaten-path experiences

Travelers willing to venture farther afield come from a variety of demographic groups, from older people who have traveled extensively to younger couples looking for something unique and exciting. “Couples want destinations where they can really get ‘off the grid’ and reconnect, while families and multi-generational groups like destinations such as the Galapagos,” says Oberacker. “They can still travel in style, feel comfortable with the kids and have lots of nature and activity to keep everyone happy.”

Where Are They Going?

Undiscovered destinations: Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is popular with honeymooners seeking a non-traditional destination

“Some of the destinations we recommend for seasoned travelers who have traveled extensively but need new ideas include Bhutan, Burma, Morocco, Peru, remote parts of China, Sri Lanka and Nepal,” says Ashley Isaacs Ganz of tour operator Artisans of Leisure in New York City.

Bhutan and Burma also made the 2014 Virtuoso Luxe Report list of the 10 most popular emerging destinations, along with Cuba, Vietnam, the Galapagos Islands, Cambodia, Chile, Iceland, Turkey and Belize.

One group looking for undiscovered destinations are newlyweds. “A lot of honeymooners and families book Morocco tours that include private jet charters to the Sahara for a night in a private tented camp with a Moroccan feast, traditional music and camel rides, then they continue to luxury kasbah hotels and resorts in the mountains,” says Ganz.

Undiscovered destinations: Nepal
Nepal is another popular undiscovered destination for adventurous travelers

Sri Lanka has become another popular honeymoon destination, thanks to its combination of culture, beauty and value. “People love the fact that they can visit an elephant orphanage, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a local’s home, and historic temples all in one trip,” says Batkin.

“I recently worked with two women who wanted something more spiritual and off the beaten path,” says Oberacker.  “I sent them to Bhutan and it exceeded all expectations.” Oberacker’s clients appreciated the cultural immersion, opportunities to hike pristine Himalayan trails, and the spiritual element they had been seeking.

How Can You Discover An Undiscovered Destination?

Visiting undiscovered destinations can lead to a more authentic, meaningful experience. If you’re looking to plan something off the beaten path, contact a Virtuoso travel advisor who can help tailor a trip that’s perfect for you.

What exotic, undiscovered destinations are on your bucket list?