Stephanie von Watzdorf
Cofounder and creative director, Figue

The cofounder and creative director of boho-chic fashion line Figue travels as often as she can, with her photographer husband Michael Lucas, with friends, or alone. “People, varied cultures, and color inspire me,” she says. Sparks from her travels follow her home to her Chelsea studio, where visitors can shop for globally-inspired caftans, sandals, handbags, and more.

Stephanie van Watzdorf (Photo by: Ball & Albanese).
  • Being in the bush on safari in Kenya was a highlight of my life. I am still drawn back there to observe the wildlife in nature and feel like a small speck on our vast earth. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya supports and takes care of Kenyan wildlife in its habitat. They also support neighboring tribes and community. I have been to Lamu in Kenya many times, including after safari, and it is so beautiful. Its beauty just goes on and on. The history and people are magnificent and it has an aura that is untouched by time.
  • I was in Mexico last year and loved Mexico City. It has such great art, food, and history. After Mexico City, we went to Tepoztlán. There’s a great market in the center of town that sells artisanal crafts and all sorts of delicious delicacies.
  • I love Marrakech – the energy and insane overload of colors, textures, and spices. I’m obsessed with hidden Marrakech. The interiors of the often monochromatic riads are full of meticulous details in the colors, tiles, and woodwork.

Top photo: Stephanie von Watzdorf, by Ball & Albanese.