Words & Photography by Clara Tuma

Last year, I spent two weeks traveling across France on assignment for Virtuoso Life, photographing a guide to the country’s regional cuisine. The work brought me to the lovely town of Beaune in Burgundy, where I got to take pictures of some very beautiful snails. Yes … snails! Escargot is a delicacy in Burgundy, and the talented chefs in the kitchen at Le Bistro de L’Hôtel presented me with what they believe is one of the best dishes in France.

Don’t worry, if escargot isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of pinot noir and chardonnay to be found, too. Beaune’s spectacular landscape – dotted with vineyards and rolling hills – completely enchanted me as I drove around. A drive or bike ride through Beaune on a sunny morning is a lovely activity. Later, head back into town for an apéro (white wine, perhaps?) from Château de Meursault. Strolling down the village’s quaint streets reveals beautiful architecture and unexpected serenity.

Here, a few of my favorite photos from the trip:

Vineyards in Beaune, France
An early-morning drive past the vineyards outside of Beaune.
Escargots from Le Bistro de L'Hotel in Beaune, France
Wild escargots from Beaune at Le Bistro de L’Hôtel – this dish smelled so good.
Medieval architecture in France.
Medieval architecture in the heart of Beaune.
A storefront in Beaune, France.
There are plenty of small shops to explore.
Place Carnot in Burgundy, France.
Late afternoon in Place Carnot, one of Beaune’s main squares.
Roasted squab from Le Bistro de L'Hotel.
Another beautiful dish from Le Bistro de L’Hôtel: roasted squab with seasonal vegetables and red-wine sauce. 
Château de Meursault, Beaune, France
The park at Château de Meursault – or “chardonnay paradise” for those in the know.

See more of Virtuoso Life contributing photographer Clara Tuma’s photos at claratuma.com and on Instagram @claratumaphotography. 


  1. Having just been there last Summer, we thoroughly enjoyed your commentary and photos. Don’t you just love all those sidewalk cafes. Your photo of the vineyards was especially evocative as we were staying in Gevrey Chambertin and made that drive along the Route des Grand Crus many times.

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