Words & Photography by Nanna Dís

When Virtuoso Life asked me to travel to Warsaw to photograph a story about the city’s best vodka bars, I was extremely excited. A Polish client of mine in Brussels (where I live) gave me some good tips, and I packed my bag and headed to Warsaw. The weather was cold but bright, and my accommodations were right next to the city’s popular Old Town, a small district full of restaurants and cobblestoned alleys. Outside of Old Town, I was surprised by how large Warsaw was – the size and layout of the city reminded me of Budapest.

My mission: vodka. At the Long Bar in the Raffles Europejski Warsaw, the bartenders impressed me with their cocktail-making skills. Across the Vistula River in the Praga district, chef Adriana Marczewska at WuWu Bistro made me an amazing roasted bone marrow dish, which paired perfectly with Poland’s Vestal Blended Potato Vodka. You’ll also find the Polish Vodka Museum in Praga, which offers guided tours and tastings. It was one of the best tours I’ve done – and I’ve done many. If you need a vodka break, I recommend Bubbles for great Champagne and Polish food.  

I had a great time in Warsaw – despite the chilly weather, I was warmed by the kindness of the locals, the tasty food, and, probably, a little bit of vodka. Here, a few of my favorite photos from the trip:

Castle Square in Warsaw, Poland
Sigismund’s Column – a seventeenth-century monument that commemorates King Sigismund III – is a popular meeting place in Old Town Warsaw’s Castle Square.
The Long Bar at the Raffles Europejski Warsaw
From left: A Warsaw Sling (Tanqueray no. 10, quince, gingerbread, pineapple, lemon, and orange) at the Raffles Europejski Warsaw’s Long Bar, and the bar’s gorgeous interior.
WuWu Bistro
From left: Roasted bone marrow with parsley and pickled shallots at WuWu Bistro, and a vodka toast.
The Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw
A display in the Polish Vodka Museum.
Vodka tasting at the Polish Vodka Museum
The post-tour tasting at the Polish Vodka Museum.
A street scene in Old Town Warsaw
Old Town Warsaw.

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