White Knights

As the Arctic days grow shorter, polar bears trudge across Manitoba’s icy plains to Hudson Bay in preparation for winter. Tauck and BBC Earth have teamed up to create a six-day expedition to Churchill, the world’s “polar bear capital,” to track these snow-white creatures aboard a tricked-out tundra rig.

Trunk Talk

It took Daphne Sheldrick nearly three decades to learn how to successfully hand-rear abandoned newborn African elephants. The conservationist passed away this year at age 83, and you’ll learn about her noble mission while meeting an orphan being fostered in your name at the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi – part of a nine-day, customized Kenya safari with Big Five Tours & Expeditions.

Eye on the Tiger

India is home to nearly three-quarters of the world’s remaining wild tigers, and, thanks to ecotourism efforts, it’s one of the few countries whose feline population is actually increasing. Be part of this success story while searching for Bengals on Natural Habitat Adventures’ new seven-day, tiger-intensive expedition in Ranthambore National Park.

Top photo courtesy of HuntedDuck/Getty Images