Travel and adventure journalist Kellee Edwards has journeyed more than 200 miles along the Peruvian Amazon to visit remote tribes, searched for mummies in Alaska, piloted a Cessna 172 along Australia’s Kimberley coastline, and gone cave swimming in Fiji’s Yasawa Islands. “If you’re the least bit curious about experiencing something, that’s the perfect reason to do it,” she says. “Who’s to say you’ll have the chance to do it again? Life is for living, not contemplating and overthinking.”

Pre-pandemic, the host of the Travel Channel’s Mysterious Islands and, more recently, of Travel + Leisure’s “Let’s Go Together” podcast traveled at least twice a month for her projects or for fun. For now, she welcomes the opportunity to explore within the U.S. and to her third trip to Alaska, one of her favorite adventure playgrounds.

Here, ten items Kellee Edwards doesn’t leave home without:

Kellee Edwards' favorite items to travel with, including Fenty lipstick, a Yeti backpack, and more.


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