Ski beauty is more than skin deep: What’s beneath eye-catching graphics helps determine how skiers carve, float, and schuss down slopes. Custom skis dial in the three P’s – personality, preference, and place – for peak days on the mountain.

In 2006, Wagner Custom Skis started the trend of designing according to skiers’ most frequented mountains, which has since become common practice with custom brands. Based at the foot of Telluride’s Chair 4, the Rockies-focused company is the most versatile bespoke brand around. From $1,750.

custom skis

Custom companies build skis to flex differently for, say, a 120-pound, five-foot-eight woman and a 190-pound, five-foot-eight man – not so for most off-the-rack models. Boston’s Parlor Skis places emphasis on skier style too: Maybe she’s lightweight but charges twice as aggressively as he does. Visit Parlor’s East Cambridge studio and its pros will help build skis to your specs. From $1,475.

Holding a line on the steeps of Aspen’s Highlands Bowl demands different tools than railing turns on Ajax groomers. Started in 1998 as the world’s first custom ski company, Jackson, Wyoming’s Igneous Skis & Snowboards drills down from where you ski to the specific runs, terrain, and conditions you favor – and why. The results are some of the most beautiful and high-performing backcountry skis available. From $1,700.
custom skis


Crested Butte, Colorado’s Romp skis bring more carving capability to the powder market, with a strong backcountry focus. Founding brothers Caleb and Morgan Weinberg employ a vibration-dampening layer of woven carbon fiber in each pair to reduce chatter on ice and groomers without the heft of metal. From $1,000.


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