By Jen Rose Smith

Do it. Sign up for that painting class in Paris or spend the afternoon getting inspired by the California coastline views from your hotel balcony – these high-quality, easy-to-pack art supplies will help.

Travel Art Supplies - Sketchbok, pencils, and watercolors
Everything you need to start sketching. (Chris Plavidal/Styling by Heidi Adams)

Caran d’Ache Pencils
A matched set of pencils from the Geneva workshops of Caran d’Ache are crafted using wood harvested in Swiss forests. Lightweight Grächen pine and Jura beech wrap silky graphite perfect for quick studies.  $26,

Hushwing Watercolor Palette
The packable Ultramarine Palette of four handmade watercolors from Virginia-based Hushwing evokes dreamy seascapes and bluebird days. Founder Kirsten Cooner, an artist, mulls each batch by hand on a glass slab. $48,

Raphaël Travel Brushes
Founded in Paris in 1793, family-owned brush workshop Raphaël tucks three travel-friendly, collapsible brushes into a sleek case that can clip onto a pocket. With two round brushes and a quill brush, Le Voyageur is expedition ready. From $21,

Fabriano Sketchbook
Bound in red fabric, the six-by-nine-inch, acid-free Venezia sketchbook from Italian papermaker Fabriano is adorned with a pattern that evokes the Piazza San Marco. $24,

Top Illustration: Marina Zakharova/Getty Images

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