June 2010Enriching journeys are those that change and transform us. Quite simply, these are the trips that we return from somehow different. So, whether your prospects are looking to turn their passions into a life-changing experience, make the world a better place, embark on a spiritual pilgrimage, or spend time relaxing and rejuvenating, they’ll find plenty of inspiration in the June issue of VIRTUOSO INSIGHTS.

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Highlights include:

Giving Back Around the Globe

      – Your travel dollars doing good in Haiti, Chile, and beyond.

The Land of Milk and Honey – Israel overflows with spiritually, culturally important sites.

The Long Calm – Discover your inner Zen on this serene sojourn through traditional Japan. Plus: Tokyo decadence.

Enriching Journeys – Ten transformational travels — from Passion Plays in Bavaria to birdwatching in Peru.

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  1. It is believed that once you have been to India, India changes you, enriches you and If one comes with an Open mind then it teaches you a lot.

  2. I was fortunate enough to get to travel to India as a part my job. Ive lived in bangalore for a month and traveled to rajasthan and agra before returning back home. I agree with Christian who has posted before me that the socio-cultural difference did shock me initially when i landed in India, but after a week or so i was almost native 🙂

    I hope to go back again some day!

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