Elaine Srnka (left) with Mark Conroy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Terrie Hansen, VP of Marketing for Virtuoso.

by Elaine Srnka
Editorial Director, Virtuoso

After poring over the results of tens of thousands of reader responses to Virtuoso Life’s annual Travel Dreams Survey for the last six years, one thing is clear: Virtuoso travelers are insatiable. It seems that no matter how many corners of the globe you’ve visited, no matter how many “trips of lifetime” you’ve taken, there will always be others that beckon.

And here’s something else I’ve learned, as I’ve tallied not only the rankings of your travel dreams but studied your answers on why they appeal: Traveling to a particular destination means more to you than just checking it off your wish list (been there, seen that). You don’t want to merely say that you’ve been to a particular place; you want to truly experience it.

That said, it’s still pretty thrilling to rack up the bragging rights that go with such travel. Fortunately, your Virtuoso advisor can help you have your enriching experiences and earn bragging rights too.

Virtuoso Life JulyFlip through this issue to find page after page of travel dreams; we’ve included more comprehensive results – for more inspiration – than ever before. You’ll find the top ten of everything, from trips of a lifetime to romantic getaways, family vacation destinations, island escapes, and the like.

No matter where you want to go next, your advisor’s wisdom and connections make travel so much more than a trip; they make it an experience to remember. (In addition to orchestrating travel dreams, Virtuoso advisors are also pretty practical; check out their tips on packing, planning, and keeping the peace on page 86.)

Congratulations to Stephen Sparks, this year’s Travel Dreams winner of Crystal Cruises’ grand prize; read about his travels (and those of other past winners) on page 82. These clients, quite the globe-trotters even before their winning trips, perfectly illustrate how, as Pat Conroy wrote, once you have traveled, the voyage never ends.

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