Where can you find blue skies and paradise? Someplace far away from the gray doldrums of winter is an escape that’s balmy and carefree, and you’ll find it in this special-edition catalog. Peruse the luxurious cruises to exotic, sunny ports. Renowned beach resorts with world-class golf courses and amazing spas. Fabulous all-adult hideaways, even tons of fun family getaways! Flipping these pages is as delightful as a paperback at the beach, but even better – each has Virtuoso exclusive perks and Expert Tips.

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Highlights include:

Surf-sational Escapes

      – It’s water, water everywhere when you run away to sea. Choose a sun-filled cruise. Or whisk the family off to a fabulous beachfront resort! Soak up paradise on a private Polynesian Island, or along the sultry Mediterranean.

Turf-abulous Getaways – Leave winter behind for a breathtaking golf course in Barbados, a wine discovery in New Zealand or a chaise and a beach butler in Panama. Or pack up the family for a camel ride in Egypt! Grab your shades!

Top 10 Beach Activities – How do you like your beach activities? Adventurous? Romantic? Relaxed? Wild? This best-at-the-beach list from our Virtuoso travel advisors reveals new pleasures such as paddleboarding in Maui and sunrise yoga on a beach in Tahiti.

You can only get these Virtuoso exclusives by booking with a Virtuoso member travel advisor. Don’t have a Virtuoso travel advisor? Click here to find one.


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