By air, by sea, or by land; pick your passion, pack your PJ’s and climb aboard as Virtuoso Traveler takes you on a global journey. Explore India in style, cruise the Caribbean, go glacier mushing in Alaska, or tip a pint in Ireland. Still not sure where to go? Take a pop-quiz to discover your ultimate weekend getaway.

Pick Your ContinentPage 18: Change your worldview with these life-altering adventures around the globe.

Hassle-free Holy LandPage 34: Middle East travel is a breeze on an all-inclusive cruise.

India in StylePage 46: From personalized yoga lessons overlooking the Taj Mahal to a private dinner in a royal palace, a bespoke journey in the Land of Maharajahs enlivens the senses.

Plus – Why Do It YourselfPage 4:  How one travel advisor turned a Father’s send-off for his Europe-bound son into an unforgettable family vacation.

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