VL92_COVERAfter epic snowstorms brought many U.S. cities to a standstill not long ago, promises of an early spring have us looking ahead to balmy temperatures and sunny skies. If you’re ready to get away, the March/April issue of Virtuoso Life delivers plenty of warm-weather inspiration.

For parents, it’s the season of family vacations – and for those with school-age children, the clock is ticking. At the risk of sounding maudlin, there’s a finite number of spring breaks and summer vacations before your kids move out, graduate from college, and start families of their own.

That’s why a five-year travel plan is a must, and your travel advisor can help you map one out. Brainstorming where we want to go is a favorite dinner-table pastime in our family, but we need a travel advisor’s expertise to help us untangle, bundle, and order our wish list – and, more importantly, move those trips from the wish list to the calendar.

My husband and I count down the years until we’re empty nesters with mixed emotions. On the one hand, when I think about the kids’ looming high school graduation dates, I want to freeze time so they’ll never grow up. On the other, the freedom to travel without worrying about child care, school schedules, and sports practices is alluring.

Recently, a weeklong Mediterranean cruise with just the two of us offered a taste of grownup travel (although it took a village to care for the kids in our absence). Read about that trip on page 76, as well as articles on Hawaii, Bali, and more, to help you start planning your own getaway – with or without the family.


Elaine Srnka
Editorial Director



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