Emirates’ new, fully enclosed suites are the talk of the tarmac in first class. The 40-square-foot sanctuaries include customizable chair settings (upright, horizontal, and even a NASA-inspired “zero-g” position); a set of moisturizing, sea-kelp-infused pj’s; Steiner binoculars; and an iPad that allows passengers to order from the multicourse, à la carte menu at any time. Multiple virtual windows display the plane’s surroundings in real time, meaning that even the middle suites come with a view. Want to face your destination head on? Watch your flight – including takeoff and landing – live from the pilot’s perspective on the suite’s 32-inch TV. Currently, the suites can be booked on flights between Dubai and Geneva or Brussels, with a Dubai-to-London option set to debut in June.

Top photo: Courtesy of Emirates.