Carnagie Lee, ice cream man.

The Keys officially reopened to visitors on October 1 and are ready for a festive fall season. Next up: Fantasy Fest, Key West’s annual party of masquerade balls, parades, and costume contests (October 20 through 29).


Jamaican native Carnagie Lee is the man of the hour at Sunset Key Cottages, a seven-minute boat ride from Key West, which suffered minimal damage from Irma and reopened a week after the hurricane. Look for Lee and the Conch Cruiser among the 27-acre resort’s homes and residences starting at 3 PM daily.

Favorite feature of the Conch Cruiser? The bell: Everyone knows it means ice cream time.

Estimated cruising speed: A very easygoing three miles per hour.

What are we in for, flavor-wise? Vanilla bean, salted caramel, and chocolate gelato, plus mango and raspberry sorbets. Salted caramel is the most popular.

The scoop on sorbet versus gelato customers: Kids get gelato – they don’t count calories. Adults go for the sorbet; I’m a mango sorbet man.

Occupational hazards: If a pack of kids starts chasing after you, watch out: You could hit a hermit crab.

Worst accident so far: The chain guard came off once, and the chain ate my perfectly white pants.

Number of kids who have requested a ride on the box: Most of them.

Anything you’d like to tell your ice-cream-delivering peers? Speak with a Jamaican accent – people seem to like your ice cream more!