by Virtuoso Preferred On-Site in Argentina – Mai 10

The event: Virtuoso Voyager Club 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner.

The time: dusk on a perfect summer evening.

The place: Buenos Aires’ first tango club, El Viejo Almacén.  The story begins…

As Virtuoso Voyager Club guests of the Crystal Cruises World Cruise 2010 stepped off their motorcoach, they stepped into Buenos Aires of the 1920’s, the era when tango had reached its zenith.  The sights and sounds of life on the old street quickly drew the guests into the magical setting.

The flower girl, the paperboy, the patrolman and the old man were there.  So, too, were the beautiful young women who vied for the attention of young men sporting finely tailored suits.  A solitary couple danced in the street as a young musician played a melancholy tango.  Nearby Voyager Club guests looked on as they enjoyed cocktails and appetizers.

blog2Guests were soon invited inside the historic tango club for a private meal of the finest Argentinean cuisine and wine.  The club was quaint and dark, the perfect backdrop for a stunning tango show.  One after another, couples came to the stage, held each other close, and performed the exquisite steps of the tango.  The passion of their music and the intensity of their dance captured the hearts of the audience.  Time stood still.  The enchantment was complete.

Abuzz with excited conversation about the evening’s events, Virtuoso Voyager Club guests returned to the Crystal Serenity.   It was the end of their tango story.  It was also the beginning of a new adventure at sea as the Serenity departed at midnight with a new heading – Cape Town.

These and other experiences are being captured in a blog by Jesse Upchurch, Chairmain of Virtuoso, Ltd. and honorary host of this historic world cruise. Read Jesse’s blog here.


  1. Memorable for us!
    Honored to be able to share our culture with Jesse and the Voyager Club guests on the 20th Anniverary Gala Dinner in our hometown Buenos Aires. And most thrilled to have won the Virtuoso award for the Best Voyager Club event of the year!

    With my best wishes,
    Maita Barrenechea
    Mai 10
    Virtuoso on-Site

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