Greeting the day from high above the Nile is an experience these travelers won’t soon forget.

Interviewed by Jen Lyons

In the Moment

During their two-day visit to Luxor, Virtuoso traveler Lilian Arjona of Ensenada, Mexico, and her cousin Gilda pulled an all-nighter ahead of their early-morning ascent in a hot-air balloon. “Luxor quickly became our favorite city in Egypt,” says Lilian. “And watching the sun come up over the Nile was a magical experience. The colors of the sky reflected on the famous river that gives life to 11 countries in Africa.”

The Trip

Egypt was just one stop on Lilian’s Holy Land expedition, which she made with her mother, two aunts, and cousin. “We saw extraordinary ancient wonders, such as Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza and tomb of Tutankhamun, Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the lost city of Petra in Jordan.” To plan such a complex itinerary, Lilian turned to Ensenada-based Virtuoso travel advisor Jorge Escaroz. “He was an absolute expert, and his enthusiasm for arranging everything was a great plus for our experience abroad,” she raves.

Where Next?

“I’m headed to Barcelona, where I plan to live for a few months and travel around from there,” Lilian notes. “Greece, Russia, and Denmark top my bucket list right now, and I’m currently working with Jorge to craft a trip to Morocco.”

Top photo: Courtesy of Lilian Arjona.