Follow the lead of these two Virtuoso travelers, who visited South Georgia Island to stand among its spectacular king penguin colony.

Interviewed by Jen Lyons

In the Moment
“Our Zodiac landed at dawn on the shore of Saint Andrews Bay, where we were treated to the awesome sight of some 100,000 king penguins and their downy chicks,” says Morton Katz, a retired orthodontist and amateur photographer from Baltimore. “No single image can do justice to this panorama of creatures,” he says of the photo he captured of his wife, Sally, with the orange-beaked birds.

The Trip
The couple’s two-week Antarctica voyage with Lindblad Expeditions was the third they’ve taken on the National Geographic Orion. On previous trips, they circumnavigated Ireland and cruised Indonesia and Australia’s Kimberley region. Though the Katzes had sailed to the White Continent in the past, this second voyage, planned by Virtuoso travel advisor Louise Kemper of Baltimore, allowed them to step foot on South Georgia Island.

Where Else?
Other recent trips Kemper helped arrange include a custom 16-day private tour of Morocco, where Morton says he captured some of his best photography, and Malta. “That little island is an absolute gem of history, culture, art, good food, and wonderfully friendly people,” Morton says.