To help combat climate change, lifestyle alterations can be key – from biking more and switching out incandescent light bulbs to checking the sustainable practices of travel providers before heading out on vacation. This summer, eco-conscious travelers can join Natural Habitat Adventures on the world’s first-ever waste-free trip, a seven-day safari in Yellowstone Country. Cozy, rustic cabins in a secluded, bush-style camp provide comfortable bases for daily game drives as guests set out in search of bison, bighorn sheep, wolves, and other wildlife in “America’s Serengeti.” The goal (besides capturing stunning Instagram photos) is to recycle, compost, upcycle, reuse, or refuse – think eschewing straws and single-use plastics – all waste produced as part of Nat-Hab trip operations. Added bonus: The company – which is also the world’s first carbon-neutral travel provider – partners with and donates a portion of trip proceeds to the World Wildlife FundDeparture: July 6, 2019.

Upscale camping in Yellowstone Country. [Photo: Collective Retreats/Natural Habitat Adventures] Featured image: Out for a drink in Yellowstone National Park. [Photo: Jeffrey West/Natural Habitat Adventures]