Vacation-photography company Flytographer works with professionals in hundreds of cities around the world who will accompany travelers on a sightseeing adventure, capturing posed and candid photographs along the way. Flytographers serve double duty as local guides, pointing out favorite shops and restaurants while leading their subjects to picturesque sites.

And if you’re ready to propose, work with your travel advisor to have Flytographer document your engagement (Did you know it’s “peak engagement season” through February?), wherever you are around the world.

Here are ten of our favorite Flytographer engagement photos, from Portugal and Finland to Dubai and Japan.

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Ty and Kate in Lisbon, Portugal

“It couldn’t have been more perfect. There was a local man playing lovely music on a drum, a sweet elderly lady wished us a happy future together, and welcomed us into the hearts of Lisbon locals. This wasn’t part of the plan, but added to the magic.” ~Ty and Kate 

portugal engagement
Photo by: Flytographer Orsi

Corey and Juliet in Anaheim 

“Juliet and I planned this trip to celebrate our three-year anniversary at Disneyland. We realized that ‘Dapper Day,’ a 1950s-inspired formal attire event in the park, would happen on the same weekend – and I knew it would be the perfect time to propose. The trip was all about celebration and fun from the beginning, and the pictures we have now show that with genuine excitement, laughter, and love.” ~Corey 

Photo by: Flytographer Samantha

Yeo Han and Winnie in Helsinki, Finland

“When it came time for Yeo Han to propose to the love of his life, Winie, he knew that it had to be extra special. Yeo Han took Winie to the remote city of Saariselka, Finland to capture the most breathtaking scenery as he asked her to be his wife. From the snow-covered trees to reindeer sleigh ride, this proposal is equal parts epic and magic!” ~Flytographer

Finland engagement
Photo by: Flytographer Karolina

David and Jessica in Reykjavik, Iceland

“My girlfriend was traveling with her family and I decided to surprise her at the end of her trip to propose at Kvernufoss waterfall. I loved seeing how emotional and happy she was.” ~David 
iceland engagement
Photo by: Flytographer Ernir

Drake and Jordan in Seattle

“In celebration on their three-year dating anniversary, Drake planned a long weekend trip for him and Jordan in Seattle, Washington. Their first date was at the Starbucks in Manhattan, Kansas and so they were eager to visit the Pacific Northwest for the scenery and because it was the home of the original Starbucks.
The day was full of surprise events for Jordan (all neatly organized on an Excel spreadsheet). One of the locations was the original Starbucks in Pike Place Market. The proposal location was in North Bend, Washington outside of the city. They arrived at a lake, where it had just started to snow. After Jordan said ‘Yes!’ the two visited Snoqualmie Falls and had dinner and champagne at the Smith Tower, Seattle’s oldest skyscraper.”  ~Flytographer 
seattle engagement
Photo by: Flytographer Kelly

Vito and Francesca in New York City

“My fiancée and I are so grateful to have captured such a special moment in our lives and it’s all thanks to the team at Flytographer. The photos are amazing!” ~Vito
NYC engagement
Photo by: Flytographer Armando

Enwei and Clara in Kyoto, Japan

“On the day of proposal, Coo executed everything so smoothly and my fiancée was indeed caught by surprise. Of course, the most important thing was that he managed to capture the ‘moment’ so beautifully! After the proposal, he brought us around to places with nice scenery to take post-proposal shots. He even introduced to us some of their local delicacies!” ~Enwei
japan engagement
Photo by: Flytographer Coo

Kelly and Julie in Dubai, UAE

“I was inspired to book our vacation to Dubai after having the most successful year of my career. There was no better person to celebrate with than my girlfriend and best friend, Julie. She had a memorable year as well, graduating with her master’s degree and landing her first big job in New York City. My favorite memory of this vacation was when I got down on one knee and asked Julie to marry me. We were at the Miracle Garden in Dubai. When I got down on one knee, I could hardly speak. I knew that I would do everything I could to care for her forever.” ~Kelly
dubai engagement
Photo by: Flytographer Lydia

Jake and Ali in Venice, Italy

“Our final photos were beautiful and they far exceeded our expectation.” ~Jake and Ali 
venice engagement
Photo by: Flytographer Serena