Ready to share your travel photos with the world? These are the best photo editing apps to spruce up your phone photos and social media.

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  • Adobe’s Lightroom preserves more fine details through its DNG format (an uncompressed image file versus a JPEG’s compressed format), among other cool features, such as an exposure compensation slider to easily lighten or darken scenes. Free, iOS and Android.
  • Average Camera Pro snaps as many as 128 images in a batch at customizable intervals, from 1 to 30 seconds. Try to “average” the shots together for time-lapse images, such as a trail of traffic taillights or water rushing in a stream. $1, iOS.
  • Cortex Camera takes as many as 99 shots very quickly for a super HDR effect, then fuses them together in one balanced, ultrarichly colored photo. $3, iOS and Android. 
  • Faded is a beginner-friendly app that capitalizes on the Instagram craze by letting photographers choose from over 66 existing filters or create their own custom-made ones. Tweak photos with overlays, tools, and effects to release your inner artist, then upload the result to multiple different social media platforms. $1, iOS. 
  • VSCO is a fan favorite in the photo-editing app world. Already know about VSCO? Keep an eye out for their new extension, VSCO X, a subscription that costs $20 a year and comes with brand-new innovative tools and over 100 different presets. Free, iOS and Android.
  • Afterlight stays ahead of the game by offering over 70 textures and over 100 frames, in addition to 75 fun filters to keep it simple for photographers on the go. This app is also Instagram-friendly for social media lovers. $1, iOS and Android.
  • Enlight meshes photo-editing necessities with straight photo manipulation. The app (from the creators of Facetune), includes features that can reshape your photo, change the color of a single object, mix two filters, change photo perspective, and create an Instagram friendly backdrop without distorting the original image.  $4, iOS.

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