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What are your must-have travel apps?

What3words. It divides the globe into three-square-meter blocks and assigns each a unique three- word address. Say you’re hiking at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, and stop to wait for friends. You can open up what3words to find your three-word address (such as “stadiums.outdoor.printed”) and send it to other users, who can see your location on the app’s map or link to directional apps, such as Google Maps. It’s a game changer for getting to locations that don’t have addresses, like a yurt in Mongolia’s high plains, or for meeting friends at big venues, from national parks to music festivals.” – Grace DeVita

Wunderlist is my go-to for helping organize what needs to get done in my busy household and at the office. And I use it to create packing lists – which is a challenge with young kids on a multi-destination trip.” – Kelly Grumbach

“Not only do I love to post pictures of my travels on Instagram, I like to look at what others are doing while I’m in the same city. Simple searches of relevant hashtags can lead me to amazing restaurants, events, and shows that aren’t publicized.” – Abby Lagman

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