Nick and Vanessa: A match made in zero gravity. (Photo: Al Powers/Powers Imagery)

Boarding a 727 for a zero-gravity experience meant to simulate the feeling of being in space – good first-date idea or bad one? On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi bonded over somersaults, backflips, and, yes, even a little bit of nausea, proving that throwing up on a first date is not always a deal-breaker. (And if the pair do end up together when this is all said and done, this is one tale future grandkids will love.)

The couple donned matching jumpsuits for a parabolic flight experience with Zero Gravity Corporation (a Virtuoso partner), but you don’t have to be on The Bachelor to take off. Zero-G is the only FAA-certified organization that lets travelers experience true weightlessness without going to space. Here, six other things we learned about Zero G after last night’s episode:

Yes, you’re really floating.

As Nick explained to Vanessa on their date, pilots perform a series of parabolas – acrobatic maneuvers that cause the plane to ascend and descend rapidly. When the pilot pulls the plane up, passengers feel the pull of 1.8 gs. The weightless, floating feeling happens as the pilot pitches the plane back down.

(Photo: Courtesy Zero-G Corporation)

There are breaks between the weightless moments.

Pilots perform 15 parabolic maneuvers on each Zero-G flight, which adds up to eight total minutes of weightlessness. That montage of Nick and Vanessa flipping, doing push-ups, and clumsily trying to kiss was actually several different moments of weightlessness.

Leave your phone behind.

Even if you’re not trying to fall in love on national TV, your trip will still be documented: The cost of the flight includes photos, video, and celebratory drinks once you’re back on the ground safely.

… but maybe you should bring some chewing gum, just in case.

Vanessa can tell you, the g-forces can be intense, and some passengers do have bouts of nausea.

(Photo: Courtesy Zero-G Corporation)

Popping the question or want privacy – charter the flight.

Zero-G flights hold 34 passengers and depart regularly from Cape Canaveral and Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Oakland, California; and Las Vegas. Flights start at $4,950 per person, but a private, Bachelor-style flight can be yours for $165,000.

You can get married while floating.

Zero-G performs weightless weddings, so we’ll be over here patiently waiting for The Bachelor: Weightless Wedding special.