When you go local, it’s always fun to know a little of the lingo. If you’re headed to Australia (like many Virtuoso travel agency executives, who will touch down in Melbourne in May for the annual Virtuoso Symposium conference), we’ve compiled a list of colloquialisms you might hear – or feel like trying out – while you’re downer under, Now, get out there and have a fair dinkum time.

Ace: Awesome!
Arvo: Afternoon
Barbie: Barbecue
Bewdy: Great
Bloke: Man
Bob’s your uncle: And there you have it
Bottle-O: Liquor store
Brekkie: Breakfast
Brolly: Umbrella
Budgie smugglers: Men’s swimwear
Crack onto somebody: To hit on, or make a move on, someone
Fair dinkum: True, genuine, unquestionably good; or, “honestly?!”
Footy: Australian rules football
Hard yakka: Hard work
Hooroo: Goodbye
Grommet: A young surfer
Pash: A long passionate kiss
Ripper: Great, fantastic, excellent
Sanger: Sandwich
Sheila: Woman
Spit the dummy: Throw a tantrum
Stone the crows!: You’re kidding!
Sunnies: Sunglasses
Struth!: Surprise!
Ta: Thank you
Tinnie: A can of beer (a bottle is a stubby)
Woop woop: In the middle of nowhere

Top Illustration: Kali_Ua/Getty Images

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