When you go local, it’s always fun to know a little of the lingo. If you’re headed to Australia, we’ve compiled a list of colloquialisms you might hear – or feel like trying out – while you’re down under, Now, get out there and have a fair dinkum time.

Ace: Awesome!
Arvo: Afternoon
Barbie: Barbecue
Bewdy: Great
Bloke: Man
Bob’s your uncle: And there you have it
Bottle-O: Liquor store
Brekkie: Breakfast
Brolly: Umbrella
Budgie smugglers: Men’s swimwear
Crack onto somebody: To hit on, or make a move on, someone
Fair dinkum: True, genuine, unquestionably good; or, “honestly?!”
Footy: Australian rules football
Hard yakka: Hard work
Hooroo: Goodbye
Grommet: A young surfer
Pash: A long passionate kiss
Ripper: Great, fantastic, excellent
Sanger: Sandwich
Sheila: Woman
Spit the dummy: Throw a tantrum
Stone the crows!: You’re kidding!
Sunnies: Sunglasses
Struth!: Surprise!
Ta: Thank you
Tinnie: A can of beer (a bottle is a stubby)
Woop woop: In the middle of nowhere

Top Illustration: Kali_Ua/Getty Images