A proven stress reliever, journaling is a positive habit to incorporate into your daily routine – and no matter your passion, there’s a journal to jot it all down.

By Jen Lyons

For the Dreamer: My Bucket List Fill-In Journal, By Axel & Ash
Designate your must-sees and detail your completed adventures with helpful prompts.

For the Meditator: Lululemon Meditation Journal 
Journey through 108 days of mindfulness practice, both before and after meditation sessions.

For the Organizer: The 365 Bullet Guide to Being Organized Journal
Learn one “bullet journaling” technique a day en route to a more organized – and succinctly ordered – life.

For the Scrapbooker: Uncommon Goods’ Ticket Stub Diary
Preserve ticket stubs from events, museums, and movies, with extra space to write down your memories.

For the Athlete: Best Me Life Fit Journal
Track your workouts, nutrition, and well-being with daily logs and 90-day goal intervals.

For the Bird-Watcher: John James Audubon Birder’s Journal
Document field observations and check off found species alongside vintage Audubon watercolors from The Birds of America.

For the Go-Getter: Kikki.K Goals Inspiration Journal
Record your monthly aspirations, then make them happen – with added motivation from inspirational quotes.

For the Bibliophile: My Reading Journal: A Diary for Book Lovers, by Potter Gift
Take notes as you read, then find your next great text in the back pages’ noteworthy book lists.

For the Jet-Setter: Luckies of London Adventure Journal 
Get inspired by 300+ experiences around the globe; scratch-off sections let you track your progress on every continent.