Before coming to Rimowa, Sven Lepschy, Vice President of Electronic Tag, logged time in aircraft maintenance for Lufthansa, as a United Airlines pilot, and doing demo flights for a Brazilian airline manufacturer. He signed on with the German luggage brand last year as it unveiled its groundbreaking electronic bag-tag system – a screen built into the suitcase.

Last year, he flew enough to circle the globe 11 times. Here, he shares his luggage expertise.

Carry-On or Check?
“I probably carry on 90 percent of the time. If I go for more than a week, I will check.”

Go-To Suitcase:
“An aluminum Rimowa 56 Topas multiwheel with a lot of stickers that I’ve had since 2012 – it was my first Rimowa. The more dented up and used it gets, the more I like it.”

Why Quality Matters:
“A great suitcase is good quality, great material; it has to look good. It’s an expression of ourselves. Our aluminum cases, they dent – and that creates character. That’s great luggage for me – not the cheapest piece I can buy that breaks after I’ve used it two times. At the end of the day, we all figure out, ‘If I would have just spent a little more money, I would have gotten a much better quality suitcase that would last for a much longer time.’ ”

Packing Tips:
“My system comes from my time in Germany in the military. I roll my T-shirts, my jeans, my shirts, even my socks. With that technique, I can fit probably three to four more days into a suitcase than if I stacked them.”

The Future of Smart Travel? 
“In five or ten years, I see smart luggage being used more seamlessly. I can see that, before we leave our house, someone is taking our luggage and delivering it to our end destination. We won’t have to worry about lugging it to the airport and checking it in.”

Top Photo: The Rimowa Topas.