most-read blog posts: blond woman sleeping on plane with blanket around her
Tips for sleeping on a plane captured the attention of Virtuoso Luxury Traveler readers, making it one of the year’s most-read blog posts

How to sleep on a plane. How to avoid jet lag. The globe’s newest and best hotels. Why people love to travel. Those are just a few of the topics that fascinated Virtuoso Luxury Traveler readers in 2016, and ended up as the year’s most-read blog posts.

In particular, readers love news on luxury hotels, with two posts in the Top 10. Travel tips are also popular, and two with similar flight-oriented themes ended up on the list of most-read blog posts. Inspiration for trips also proved popular, including motivational travel quotes and the reasons why people travel showing up in the Top 10.

Without further ado, here are Virtuoso Luxury Traveler’s 10 most-read blog posts of 2016, counting down from the most popular.

10 Memorable Travel Quotes to Share with Friends

Your travel companions are a critical element of the journey. To inspire your travels with family or friends, take a look at these 10 on-topic quotes from a variety of sources. Everyone from Mark Twain to Ernest Hemingway to Maya Angelou shares their pithy observations on the joys of travel with others.

10 Powerful Reasons Why People Love to Travel

People love traveling for a variety of reasons. Some want to break out of a rut and challenge themselves. Others view travel as a way to keep learning and expanding their horizons. Review these 10 reasons why people love to travel and discover ones that resonate with you.

10 Tips and Tricks for Actually Sleeping on a Plane

Sleeping on a plane is one of the hardest parts of a long journey. You can conquer that challenge with these 10 tips to keep in mind before and during your trip. Factors like the time you fly, the seat you sit in and the props you bring on board can help you catch some Z’s while in flight.

Why These 10 Properties Are the World’s Best Hotels

most-read blog posts: outdoor spa pool in evening at italy's grand hotel tremezzo
The spa at Lake Como’s Grand Hotel Tremezzo won it a place on the list of Virtuoso’s top hotels of the year

Virtuoso’s annual Best of the Best Awards saluted 10 hotels around the world for excellence in areas including cuisine, design, spa and family programs. Italy’s Borgo Egnazia was recognized as Hotel of the Year. Discover the other outstanding properties that triumphed this year out of Virtuoso’s 1,100 hotels.

10 Tips to Deal with Jet Lag – and Save Your Next Vacation

Your trip to the destination of your dreams has begun. You should be elated. But all you can think about is sleeping. Jet lag can be a beast, but you can tame it with these 10 tips. Find out why we recommend abstaining from caffeine and alcohol, and booking a spa treatment upon arrival.

Where Are The World’s 20 Most Wow Honeymoon Destinations?

Virtuoso’s honeymoon experts weighed in on their favorite romantic destinations worldwide, both exotic and close to home. They also shared their picks for the best resorts for newlyweds in desirable destinations such as the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii and the South Pacific. Discover their 20 top destinations and recommended properties for a dream honeymoon.

Get to Know 7 of the Globe’s Hottest New Hotels

People love finding the world’s hottest new luxury hotels, and these seven are among the most-talked-about debuts of the year. From stunning modernity in Los Cabos to a calming oasis in Marrakech to cosmopolitan lodging in New York, discover what makes these seven distinctive in their own way.

5 Big Benefits to Working with a Travel Advisor

Travel advisors are the hottest new thing that never went away. And more and more people are seeking them out to plan and book exceptional trips. These five advantages to working with an advisor include saving money, saving the day when issues arise, and using their connections to create a VIP experience for you.

Today’s 5 Hottest Luxury Hotel Trends: Space, Place and More

What’s hot in luxury hotels is always evolving, so Virtuoso has identified five trends on the cutting edge. Those include more spacious accommodations for families and groups; authentic experiences that are unique to their destination; and staying at just-debuted properties, so you can say you discovered tomorrow’s most buzzed-about hotel first.

most-read blog posts: colorful seating at gate in vancouver international airport
Vancouver International Airport was one of the six worldwide winners as best airports of the year

The World’s Best Airports: Why These 6 Won Big

Where are the world’s best airports? A study asked frequent flyers to rate 550 of them to discover which soar above the others. Singapore Changi took the world’s best title – learn why it and five other winning airports in different regions are places where you’ll actually enjoy a layover.

Most-Read Blog Posts: Your Picks

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