With the new year comes new resolutions to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit, along with fresh insights on 2020’s top wellness destinations and travel trends.

Maintaining mental health (stress reduction, mindfulness, R&R) all rank high on many travelers’ wish lists, according to our recently released survey of travel advisors in Virtuoso’s Wellness Community. Our new forecast also reveals the top wellness destinations – both tried-and-true and on the rise – for 2020. Here’s to a happy and healthy year ahead.

wellness travel trends
Reconnect with nature – and yourself – while staying at Sedona’s Mii amo, a destination spa.

Top Wellness Travel Motivations
1. Stress and anxiety reduction
2. Rest and relaxation
3. Body/mind/spirit transformation
4. Getting away from it all
5. Spiritual renewal

wellness travel trends
Good for the soul: Meditating at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort.

Top Wellness Travel Activities
1. Meditation and mindfulness
2. Spa treatments such as massages
3. Yoga
4. Healthy eating
5. Outdoor adventures

wellness travel trends
The treetop spa at Puerto Rico’s Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

Top Wellness Travel Destinations
1. United States
2. Bali
3. Thailand
4. Costa Rica
5. Italy

Cycle of life: A biking tour through Croatia with Backroads. (Liz Hale/Backroads)

Top Wellness Travel Destinations on the Rise
1. Bhutan
2. Croatia
3. Vietnam
4. Portugal
5. South Africa

wellness travel trends
Castel Fragsburg in northern Italy offers immersive sound baths with its sacred arts muse Bellé Flora. (Stefano Scatà)

Top Emerging Wellness Travel Trends
1. Hotels with wellness amenities
2. Spiritual retreats
3. Mental wellness
4. Travel with a purpose
5. Developing skills in a wellness activity

Top photo: Pilates at Bali’s Como Shambhala Estate. (Martin Morrell)


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