qatar airline
Auckland Airport welcomes the first Qatar Airways flight with a traditional water cannon salute.

Qatar Airways has announced the launch of the world’s new longest flight by measure of time – from Doha, Qatar to Auckland, New Zealand. The flight covers a distance of 9,032 miles and clocks in at 17 hours and 30 minutes – that’s watching around eight movies or binge-watching a couple seasons of something.

Consider a stop in Qatar if you’re taking this route – you can stop in Doha for up to 96 yours on a free transit visa, combining a short dip into the Middle East with the stunning natural landscapes of New Zealand.

flying airplane
Qatar Airways’ first flight to New Zealand flies over the city of Auckland on its final approach to the airport.

As reported in Forbes, Singapore Airlines plans to resume service to Singapore from both Newark and L.A. in 2018. Singapore to Newark is 18 hours and 30 minutes, and would once again be the longest flight in the world.