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Three-quarters of parents say the money and time spent on a family trip is justified because the memories are priceless

Want to give your children – and your parents – a priceless gift? Book a family trip with them.

The 2014 Virtuoso Luxe Report names multigenerational family travel as the top travel trend. Families are clearly recognizing the multiple merits of a vacation together – and reaping the rewards.

The U.S. Travel Association has surveyed both parents and children on the benefits of a family trip. They found that vacations together create both bonds and long-lasting memories. Here’s why you should book that family trip now:

You’ll get a great return on investment

  • 76% of parents believe that family vacations are worth the time and money spent because they “give my child experiences that they will remember years down the road.”
  • 75% of parents say the money and time spent on family vacations is justified because the memories are “priceless.”
  • With busy family schedules, a majority of parents (53%) reported that “family vacations are one of the few things that families do together.”

Your children love family trip bonding

  • Nearly every child (93%) agreed that on vacations “I get to spend quality time with my parents.”
  • More than half the children (53%) “strongly agree” that “vacations bring my family closer together.”
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A strong 93% of children say that on vacations “I get to spend quality time with my parents”

You’ll create lasting memories

  • Young people ages 8-18 agreed that on family vacations:
    • They’re able to “see and do new things that I’ll remember for a long time” (64%)
    • Some of their “best memories are of things that I did during a family vacation” (49%)
  • More than half of adults (55%) said “I have fond memories of vacations that I took as a child, and I want to create similar experiences for my family.”
  • Three in four adults over the age of 55 still remember vacations from as early as age five, and remember them better than school events or even birthday celebrations.
  • 85% say they reminisce with family about trips taken years ago.

You’ll spend time with multiple generations

  • About half (54%) of young travelers have taken a family vacation with grandparents.
  • Children who traveled with their grandparents said that during vacations they get to spend quality time with their grandparents (78%), they feel closer to their grandparents (60%), and they learn new things about their grandparents (48%).
  • Almost two-thirds of children like to remember stories about what they did with their grandparents on vacation after they’re back home (65%).

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