Experiential Travel: family biking on vacation
Families want to experience destinations as active participants, not mere sightseers

What do you get when you combine two of today’s hottest travel trends? Vacations with loved ones that create memories to last a lifetime.

According to the latest Virtuoso Luxe Report, the two top travel trends are family travel and active and adventure travel. People want to share vacation experiences with their relatives, and they want to go beyond traditional sightseeing. They want to be active participants, engaging with a destination, rather than passive tourists. And they want private experiences tailored for their family’s specific interests.

Why Experiential Travel?

This form of travel – experiential travel – is one of the industry’s up-to-the-minute trends, and sharing these activities makes for perfect family bonding. It creates a deeper feeling of connection between visitors and the people and place they’re visiting. It enriches family members by educating them and giving them a broader worldview.

What Kinds of Experiences Are Possible?

Experiential Travel: family skiing
Some families are skiing first, then traveling thousands of miles to relax on the beach

Some of Virtuoso’s top advisors recently shared the experiential travel itineraries they’ve crafted for client family vacations:

  • A family experiencing the historic sites of World War II, visiting London and Normandy with a focus on D-Day locations
  • Parents taking their children to London, where both generations enjoyed a private speedboat excursion down the Thames
  • A multigenerational family visiting St. Petersburg, where they not only had tickets to the ballet but also took ballet lessons – every member of the 16-person group included
  • A family journey into the Brazilian jungle, where they explored by private boat and even spent the night with a local army guide
  • Mixing and matching two distinctive destinations, such as a ski getaway that segues into an island beach vacation

Expert-Designed Experiential Travel

Watch the video to see the advisors describe these experiential family getaways:

What’s your experiential travel dream look like? Are you ready to make it happen? If you’re looking for a travel advisor to create a memorable experience, find a family travel specialist that’s right for you at virtuoso.com.